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Songwords to It Must Have Been Love 1990 Smash Hits
Advertisement for the Joyride album 1991 Smash Hits
Review for the Joyride album (incorrect cover) 1991 Hit Songwords
Marie speaks! 1989 Smash Hits
How Rock are Roxette? 1989 Smash Hits
Marie's and Micke's wedding Sydney Morning Herald
Competition to meet Roxette 1994 TV Week
Marie and Per about each other 1989 Smash Hits
Per and the Swedish national anthem 1990 Smash Hits
Profile of Per 1995 Smash Hits
A Per of Swedes 1991 Hit Songwords
Roxette - The Biggest Band in the World 1991 Hit Songwords
Sailing a seaworthy Gessle Down Under 1991 Hit Songwords
Listen To Your Heart songfile 1989 TV Hits
Tape Stars 1993 Smash Hits
Roxette Crash Back 1994 TV Week

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