Wish I Could Fly

Dubbed as Roxette's come back single. "Wish I Could Fly" is Roxette's first single in Australia for three years. It was released on the 15th of March 1999.


(5 Track Version) 1. Wish I Could Fly [4'40"] 2. Happy Together [3'55"] 3. The Look [3'56"] 4. It Must Have Been Love (From the Pretty Woman soundtrack) [4'19"] 5. Joyride (Single Version) [4'02"].

(3 Track Version) 1. Wish I Could Fly [4'40"] 2. Happy Together [3'55"] 3. Wish I Could Fly (Demo, November 1997) [4'13"].

CD Single (5 Track) (8867942). CD Single (3 Track) (8865422).
Words & Music by Per Gessle.
Published by Hip Happy (1 & 2), Published by Jimmy Fun Music (3 to 5)
Produced by Clarence Öfwerman, Michael Ilbert, Marie Fredriksson & Per Gessle (1), and Per Gessle (2) for Roxette Recordings.
Engineered by Michael Ilbert (1) & MP Persson (2)
Produced by Clarence Öfwerman (3 to 5)

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