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TRIUMFTÅGET (Triumph train)
or five comes home

Återtåget. Triumftåget (Triumph train). Segertåget (Victory train).

A beloved child has many names. Especially Gyllene Tider after a tour through golden landscape. But what really does hide behind titles and reports about the biggest Swedish tour of all time?

HP (Hallands Posten) lived with Gyllene Tider, Wilmer X and Love Olzon for four days.

From Eksjö through Skövde to Växjö. And backstage, on scene, on the train, in the bus with police escort, on the press interviews, on the sound checks, on the the tennis matches, among squeezed fans, during solving problems and in the only pentathlon with six events, Harplingespelen

The clock reads almost seven when the bus rolls in at the backstage area behind the scene at Sjöängen by I12 in Eksjö. Återtågets last link, the artists, has arrived. Mats "MP" Persson rushes away to test guitars as Nina Valerie prepares to put make up on the whole gang.

First Love Olzon and his band start to play. Then the guys in Wilmer X. And finally Gyllene Tider.

Some try to see TV coverage from the Olympics, with bad reception.

Göran Fritzon has got a visitor from his girlfriend Ulla Jakobsson, the children Emma and Erik and their grandma and grandpa. Ulla will join the tour for a few days while grandma and grandpa will take the children to "Astrid Lindgrens World" the day after.

While Per Gessle is in the flu and making funny faces over the raw ginger that his wife Åsa served him with hot water, honey and lemon.

-Yuck! It tastes like - I don’t know what. But it saves the throat, he explains.

When Nisse Hellberg leads the Skånska (people in Southern Sweden) r&b forces in "Hon är ihop med en insekt", Gyllene Tider decides that they will play "Vill ha ett svar" instead of "Den öde stranden". And Anders Herrlin takes the clear blue costume, which he wore in Stockholm's stadium.

-You should have been there. 32000 people in a boiling pot.

And where the foreign flags used to wave, hung a flag with Halmstad's city weapon. Indescribable, the whole gang smiles.

Then they enter to yet another revival-looking pop meeting with over 13000 happy fans who sing along to "Flickorna på TV2", clap their hands in "Puls", shout with joy in "Gå & Fiska" and obediently they follow Micke "Syd" Andersson arms-up-stretch-exercises in "När alla vännerna gått hem". It is powerful. And awesome.

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© Photos & Layout: 1996 Hallandsposten
© Translation to English: 1997 Fredrik Sundqvist & Paul Rands