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What does G.T
mean to you?

Hannah Johansson, 25 years, Halmstad:

-Nothing. Certainly they make good music but it doesn’t mean anything special for me.

Karl-Erik Ellström, 16 years old, Ludvika:

-They make good music. I might see them if they come to Dalarna.

Veronica Wiberg, 24 years old, Halmstad:

-They give the ultimate feeling of Halmstad. They are famous but I don’t think people know what they mean to Halmstad.

Stig Bengtsson, 59 years old, Halmstad:

-They are a good group. I live near Brottet so I will listen to them from my garden at home when they play here.

Magnus Lyckberg, 16 years old, Linköping:

-I think of summer. But it is not my music style, I think it is "girlsrock".

Per-Allan Svensson, 74 years old, Söndrum:

-They where best when they started. But it is good for Halmstad that they exists.

Robert Åkesson, 10 years old, Eskilstuna:

-I like them. But unfortunatly I missed their concert in Eskilstuna, because we were here in Halmstad.

Sofia Retz, 26 years old, Köpenhamn:

-For me Gyllene Tider means Halmstad, since I come from there. I listened to them when I was young and have their records.

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© Translation to English: 1997 Fredrik Sundqvist & Paul Rands