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Big-mouthed with
spiritual belief

A happy guy, a rogue, prankster and a funny guy who babbles with Adam Alsing and who always has something to do.

Or as he self says, a big mouth.

It is the most famous side of Micke "Syd" Andersson.

But there is other and bigger. The calm, spiritual minded and searcher Micke Syd.

-But it isn’t showed and it is my thing. But I also need it to manage and to be the happy big mouthed person.

Therefore begins Micke for two years ahead study Chineseology just a week after that Återtåget (Truiph Train) has reached it final station. A form of therapy in alternative medicine where the western countries meets the orient.

-I felt I wanted to learn some more and this thing with building a studio or begin to work on a record company isn’t my kind of thing.

-So it is all in the line what I am doing.

Besides I think that it is something that will increase with all the cut down in the health care and through more people realise that the body and soul is one.

Now it isn’t that Micke Syd has begin to be tired of the drums and the work as an musician.

-No, the opposite, it feels good to look back and see how you have lived and to think about what was the most fun.

-And of course I wilI continue with the music. But there will not be as much touring in the future. I don’t want to be away so much when Dennis starts school.

Himself thinks he is a good father. In spite of he is gone long periods away from his wife Madde and the children Dennis and Eddie.

-But in the long run I think I am home more compared to if you have regular work. And then I think it is important to help Madde at home so she will get a chance to live her life. So I can actually sometimes think it is nice to go home and clean.

-And children - they are unconscious. What power they have. Think if you could have kept that in old age without the blunt feelings - what human beings we should have become.

The drums were an early interest.

-When Sivan and Ingemar (mum and dad) had a party I used to sit upstairs and drum with knitting-needles against an ashtray so the needles finally became oblique.

-But the first drumset was ten coffee tins in a row screwed together with a carpet border around them as I sat on the bed and drummed on because they wouldn’t go away.

Therefore the first drum set, a red Sparkling Premier, became a big event in young Andersson’s life.

-I learned to play from the TV but it became totally wrong since I am left-handed. But besides the course me and Anders went for with Bert Möller, he and I learnt most of it all by ourselves.

-Then I jammed with my neighbour sometimes. The problem was he was a trumpet musician and could only play marches. So that combination wasn’t so good.

Eventually Micke improved.

-I remember I invited all my friends down to the cellar and began to play bad so they later should be impressed when I start to play for real.

Otherwise his childhood in Harplinge was calm.

-You can call me pretty soft. I went school and never fought. Well actually, with my little brother (Thomas). There was some shop-lifting in school but I was always afraid to get caught. And then the first booze. Then it didn’t happened much more than a single bought of drunkenness.

Alcohol has never been Micke Syd's interest. Even though the temptation is bigger in the branch he is working in.

-I have never felt any urge for that and the pleasure is gone right away because I don’t think it is good. I remember when Anders and I went to the parties and I was sober and got the most girls.

-And it feels good that no one has tried to force me, ‘hell Micke of course you should have a drink’. Instead I have been shown respect for not drinking.

-OK, it maybe causes me become a little bit unsociable and stay behind. And I don’t get many invitations to go out to the pub.

But on the contrary I love to work in the bar and then I get the social part in that way instead.

-Besides I am glad I didn’t have the alcohol to run to three years ago.

It was then Micke and Madde separated without divorce. To later reunion.

-It was like when Gyllene quit in 1985. Everything disappeared and all the security was gone. I had to find who I was. And now I have a whole new ground to stand on.

-Besides plays I much better drums since the separation. It is life that paints you and if you can carry that along will you also become a better musician.

Micke is constantly returning to yin and yang, that there are two sides of everything. And the balance between body and soul.

-I believe in God in my own way. But I don’t think everything is predestined but that we ourselves can be a part and affect.

-So sure there is a divine. In us. Exactly as Eva Dahlgren sings.

He has played with many, many through the years. And perhaps the choice of the drums wasn’t a coincidence.

-I have always been the one who takes care, has been behind and supported. Exactly as a drummer also does in a way.

Micke is no longer 20 years. But 35. And if you then have children it is easier to come back to ordinary life.

In spite of the incredible triumph through Sweden.

-I don’t think I have gathered all the memories and expressions yet. But I am moved that we five has done all this. At the same time as I can be furious when the media does not respect that there are five in the band. Not one.

-So what I will miss the most is above everything is the community. But otherwise it is no problem. I easily change the rhythm of the day so when the tour is over I will get up eight o’clock again.


Name: Micke "Syd" Andersson, 35.

Family: Wife Madde, Dennis, 7 and Eddie, 3.

Earlier Jobs: Truck driver, bar tender, servant.

Toyota Model F. "It has to be fate that I should have it. The plate is CYD and I bought it before I got my nickname".

My work, family, outer and inner training.

Last film: Dead Man Walking. "Fantastic".

Latest book: The tenth insight. "But right now I’m reading four others. At the same time".

Listens to for now: Everything that is good.

Sport (to practice): body building, floor ball (innebandy).

Sport (to watch): Anything, except horses.

Favourite Team: HBK and Drott.

Drinks: Water.

Favourite food: Depends on the mood. But not so much vegetables

Good Sides: Kind, loving.

Bad sides: Stubborn, a little bit late - but far away from the Gessle-standard.

How I manage the tour life: By being a part of myself. And to read.

Micke on MP:
A thinker, smart man. A typical fish. That’s enough.

© Photos & Layout: 1996 Hallandsposten
© Translation to English: 1997 Fredrik Sundqvist & Paul Rands