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Återtåget gave a new start

It is Återtågets own Cinderella-fairy, with a thick gold-border: before the departure Gyllene Tider's Farfisa-hero Göran Fritzon forced to quit his job because he didn’t get a leave of absence from "nasty" Repro Offset.

He has during six weeks, travelled around and tried the golden shoes on and met up against 300 000 happy smiling people in the biggest tour a Swedish band has ever made.

And when the clock strikes twelve on the night of the 11th August - well, then everything goes back to the normal and Fritte becomes a common man again who will first help his daughter Emma into the "six-years-group" and after that start his own company in the offset branch. However that will happen.

-No problem. Sure it will feel notable at first. Not at least with the thought before Återtåget I hadn’t been touring in almost five years.

But I have taken it like a journey where we get all the pluses and get rid of the negative things. A happy, paid vacation in all, Fritte explains.

Well paid, you can suppose.

-Well, I don’t know much yet but of course it would be nice to get a real good start of capital for the firm. But the advantage with this firm is that I haven’t got any expenses at first, since I will work at home.

Will Fritte, when the Farfisa is back in the villa in Sönderum, drive around and present himself? Displaying what equipment he has and the idea of freelancing for different advertising agencies.

-And somewhere you hope that Gyllene Tider will mean a kick for my own firm. Not decisive but it should make it easier because then some will know who you are.

And the self-esteem will of course not get worse by this kind of experience, Göran laughs.

At the same time he has got a new musical start and feels he wants to continue in some way.

-I wouldn’t be interested to be in another band. It feels you have done that for some time ahead.

-On the contrary I would like to work more with songs. Earlier I have done things just to test and none have become serious except some like Elisabeth Andreadsson's "Stjärnhimmel" which I and Per wrote. I have many sketches and ideas, so beware of the solo record "Farfisa freaks out…" Fritte warns.

But then we have this about time.

-Yes, that is the problem to have time to combine band and your own firm. Especially in the beginning when it takes time to get started.

And behind that, the family wants attention.

-As a father I can be rather fixed. Children who are 3,5 and 6 years old can be very defiant and test the limits all the time. So where you should draw the line is hard. If you bellow at them you get a bad conscience afterwards.

-At home I do the lawn-moving and help with the cleaning and the dishes. Ulla (his wife Jakobsson) tells me that laundry, flowers and economy is her responsibility. Otherwise it can go bad.

Nowadays Emma, which made her first song "Golfvisan" at the age of three(!), has also got the knowledge that dad is actually a popstar.

-Yes, she was with us in Varberg and sat on grandpas shoulders and sang along in every song. So some guys beside them pointed at her and where impressed that a such little girl could all the lyrics. Guess if she was proud. But still she didn’t tell about her father, Ulla tells.

-Then she was on the scene in Eksjö. But she had a hard time to get that there is so much people. But I also had the same problem so it isn’t so strange, Fritte says.

Like that it also was 16 years ago. The golden pop-hysteria was spreading all around the country and Fritte had to quit his three year long economics course

-I almost didn’t get any grades. And unfortunately - with school I lost the contact with my class mates

-Well, I actually met at the show in Västervik, Ulf Liljedahl. He was chief at the restaurant in Grensö castle so I guess that we were surprised to see each other there.

Little Göran was restless and therefore he recognise himself in Emma while Erik is more cool, how cool the parents now think it is to wake up six in the morning. Eventually it became a trimmed moped, organ lectures, Yggdrasil, Farfisa-organ, Tellus Anima and - Gyllene Tider.

-For my own sake it was just a new band since I hadn’t heard the EP. But it directly showed who was the band-leader and that everything was more structured. I was also very impressed that Per had a car. Myself took the moped from Åled to Harplinge and was pretty scared sometimes. It wasn’t the right time to have a failure with the spark-plug in the middle of the night in a dark forest.

-For a while I took flute lectures but it didn’t go to well. And I had never really considered myself as good with an instrument. If you compare to MP, Anders and Micke who are damn good. So my way of playing is more charming. Exactly as Per's guitar playing. And that all together is a brilliant combination.

Maybe is it, as Fritte believes, fate and higher powers rules.

-Yes, sometimes it feels like much is predetermined.

As when Fritte 18 years old quit school to go on a Gyllene tour.

Giant success.

And again when he 16 years later, quit his job to go on a Gyllene Återtågs tour.

Huge success.


Name: Göran Fritzson, 34.

Family: Wife Ulla Jakobsson, Emma 5.5 years, Erik 3.5.

Previous Jobs:
Driving out beers, housekeeper and scanner operator.

Car: Audi 100 Avant -89, MGB Roadster -66.

Hobbies: Golf, computers.

Latest film: A Scent of a Woman

Latest book: Fröken Smillas känsla för snö by Peter Hoeg.

Listens to: Was (not Was), Nik Kershaw and Elvis Costello.

Sport (to practice): Golf (hcp 12, member of Halmstad Golf Club).

Sport (to watch): Everything except horses.

Favourite Team: Färjestads BK and Drott.

Drinks: All from water to alcohol.

Favourite Food: Italian.

Good side: Kind, tender

Bad side: Bad Patience

How I manage the tour life:
Nothing special. "But Jalle Lorensson and me shall write "The little tour-book" divided in success level and genre..."

Fritte on Anders:
Damn funny, yeah extremely funny and easy to be with. He has short temper but it is over in a short time.

© Photos & Layout: 1996 Hallandsposten
© Translation to English: 1997 Fredrik Sundqvist & Paul Rands