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The sound check is over. Anders Herrlin laughs at Victor, 6.6 years old who proudly came to dad with an insect in the hand.

-That interest he has got from me. I was ten years old when we moved from Easter to Harplinge and then I used to go to grandpas house in Haverdal and explore. It is all about letting the nature come to you. A pretty cool feeling, actually.

-Therefore I really would like to move back out to the country again. So Victor gets a childhood like I had where it's just open the door and have the nature right outside.

-But it is hard with my job as a freelance musician so therefore it will be the inner city of Stockholm for a while longer. Especially now when we recently we have tenant-ownership there.

Maybe it was a sports injury which gave Anders his small happiness.

-Yes, I remember that I started to listen to music when I couldn’t practice sports anymore. And I got a tape recorder as consolation from mum's aunt which I exchanged for a Philips which where even bigger and better. Then I bought Nazareth's "Razamanaz" on cassette and was hooked.

Anders in pair with Håkan Andersson and two girls with the athletic club Harplinge IK reached the final in Karlstad. With Herrlin in the long jump.

But when the cartilage came away from his knee it was all over with sports for Anders part. Both on the athletic side and in Harplinge IK's football team.

Instead it was a drum course from Bert Möller with friend Micke.

-We drew to see who should play the drums and I won.

But when Micke almost at once got blisters on the fingers from the Hof-bass we switched.

-But when I played for the first time I thought you should play after accord. And I promise, it is not easy.

-Altogether is the bass a pretty hard instrument. What I mean, if you take the wrong tune then the whole orchestra fails.

Victor comes with another new insect and Anders makes use of his knowledge as a field biologist.

-Yes, I was with them for a while and even started a association in Steninge. But it failed. And unfortunately many field biologists and ornithologists have an ability to forget everything around them and only to have an interest for put their signs on what they had seen or not.

-I mean, it is so much more. Both here and out there, he says and points to the sky.

-I have always hardly believed in that we can’t be alone in space. And I hope that it isn’t over when you die. There are many who think about such questions nowadays. In all ages.

Maybe because we get closer to a new century. Have you for example think of religion in modern time as really the science, Anders thinks.

Popstar, dad and a husband.

-I think I am a good father since I meet Victor in a way no other parents do, during longer periods.

Besides I had to help and feed him almost at once because there was a problem with the nursing.

-At home it is Sara who takes care of Victor. She washes too but the kitchen is my part. I do all the food and make up for that instead.

Anders himself was a lively as a child and did some dirty tricks such as burglary at a construction, "but we never broke anything" and shop-lifting, "it was the thing to do in 7th grade", it was. But in spite of musical parents where dad Alf even now sings jazz he doesn’t have any clear memory to have grown up with music.

-Victor? He is pretty musical. But more rhythmic and goes to Lasse Kühlers dance school. That he likes.

-At home he has started to choose records when I can’t decide what is good music or not because of my profession. I can’t have music in the background without analysing it. Therefore it is good that Victor stands for the choice. Even though he directly turned off when he heard Rage Against the Machine. And wondered why the singer in Soundgarden sounded so furious, Anders laughs.

Music has always been self-evident for Anders since the sports -career ended. From the first band Dad´s Army to Yggdrasil where two out of the trees three roots was painted to the left because Anders and Modde (Martin Ovik) was more progressive than Micke. And at last Tellus Anima who failed.

-It was because no ambitions were set and we seldom practiced. So Per got irritated that I took care of the light(!) on Gyllene's repetitions sometimes, he wanted to be alone.

But at last Anders took the step over from light-repetitions to bass and on that way it is.

-Sure, but there is life after Gyllene Tider and Roxette too. Therefore I, Greg Fitzpatrick and Alar Suurna have built Short Lists-studio which opens in the autumn with five studios and one Internet-centre.

-But I want to work with music too. Therefore I think it is a pity that Marie (Fredriksson) and I not work together anymore. We had something special together when we created.

Anders has however found another girl.

-Her name is Jenny Lövgren, an amazing talent. We have already done several songs together so it works fine.

He can be tired of himself sometimes when Återtåget and Gyllene Tider is too much in focus.

-But that is nothing compared to Per. I have actually never bothered on the focus around him. It is inevitable. But also is it sad and such a cheap way of the journalists to go since we actually are a band with five members.

And now it is over.

-I know I am extremely privileged since I got many jobs. But at the same time it's like a freelance musician unsure and therefore I can sometimes awaken all sweaty and ask myself: what shall I do now?!


Name: Anders Herrlin, 34.

Family: Wife Sara, Victor, 6,5 years.

Previous Jobs:
Seller at Soundside. "And in the way at Sprinter".

Car: Golf GTI -89. "
Per's old one but we will probably buy a Sharan instead".

Hobbies: Tennis, nature, food.

Latest Film: Smoke.

Latest Book:
Myrorna (The ants) by George Weller. "Recommended".

Listens to now: Soundgarden, Lucky People Centre, Weezer, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins.

Sport (to practice): Tennis, squash, badminton. And golf (hcp 37, member of Gällivare).

Sport (to watch): Tennis.

Favourite Team: None.

Beer and white wine. The most in flowing form.

Favourite Food: Italian.

Good Side: Good patience.

Bad Side: Easily irritated.

How I manage the tour life:
To talk a lot with the others. And with a happy mood.

Anders on Per:
A hit oracle who spits out song after song. A genius, nice in most cases. But sometimes I think he has too much going on. And he has a hard time just keeping up. So if I should have reached that position I would have slow down.

© Photos & Layout: 1996 Hallandsposten
© Translation to English: 1997 Fredrik Sundqvist & Paul Rands