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Welcome to the Official Adeltåget '98 home page!

At long last, here is the official homepage, and pictures from Australia's largest and most fun IRC meeting ever!  This meeting has been dubbed "Adeltåget '98".

At the end of June 1998, a group of #Roxette friends got together to meet in Adelaide, South Australia.  These people were MaxCady (Colin), DaMoZ (Damian), MissM, Silvastar (Kerry), DiTroia (David), TheBigL (Leon), and Supa (Steven).

Do you have scanned pictures of this meeting?  Please let us know so we can link them from here to your web site!!  Let's make this Adeltåget Homepage an awesome collection of pictures, stories, and anything else from the event!
About the top image - Damian's idea was to take a Tourism-style photograph of several items collected during the Adeltåget meeting!  Included in the picture are:  Australian coins (just like in Tourism), an AFL football ticket, Damo's and Steven's room key/card, Damo's Live bootleg CD, the Japanese Greatest Hits limited edition CD that Damian bought, a breakfast voucher valid on 28/6, a bus ticket used to go to the football, the champange cork, a small bottle of jam Steven nicked, a video cassette label, and an Adelaide brouchure!

OK!!  Hold on to your hats, cos here are the pictures!!  They are indexed in a tabular format, where you can see the filename, and a good description of the picture, for example, who's in the picture, and where it was taken!  Enjoy!


4hotelroom.jpg This was the first picture taken, taken in Damo's and Steven's hotel room.  From left to right are Colin, Damo, David and Steven.
group1.jpg Damo, Colin, Kerry, MissM and Steven at MissM's house
3guys.jpg Steven, Colin and Damian!  At MissM's house btw.
4atpenny1.jpg Colin, MissM, Damian and Kerry at MissM's house
4atpenny2.jpg MissM, Steven, Kerry and Damian at MissM's - lovely picture
5atpennys.jpg Steven, MissM, Colin, Kerry, Damian
damo-cheers.jpg Damo drinking some fine South Aussie beer
colin-cheers.jpg Same as above, but it's Colin now
rundle-mall1.jpg Here's the guys standing where Marie did in "Roxette - The Book"!!!  Of course, it looks a lot different now!
rundle-mall2.jpg Or was it here?
penny.jpg Here's MissM!
kerry.jpg Here's Kerry!
colin1.jpg Here's Colin!
parkroyal-bar.jpg Group at the Parkroyal hotel bar
kerry-yvonne.jpg Kerry and her friend Yvonne who came along too. Here they are enjoying some cocktails!
cityview.jpg A landscape of the city, from the gang's hotel window
city-hyatt.jpg This is the Hyatt where Roxette stayed at in 1995
sculptures1.jpg Having fun on these weird blocks

...and again. Colin and Kerry have better pics of these, so we'll try and get those pics here too

triangles.jpg ...and again!
joyride-imitation1.jpg Argh!  Roxette On-line doesn't think the guys will EVER live this one down!!  ;)  I think you get the idea of what MissM and Steven are trying to do!  And yes!!  All posing and face expressions are deliberate!!
joyride-imitation2.jpg ...and again!
dressed-imitation.jpg MissM and Steven copying the Dressed For Success cover!!  They did a great job in our opinion! Pity about Steven pointing with the wrong arm, Steven didn't notice it at the time! Check out the original DFS picture below!
dressed-realpic.jpg Here's the real DFS picture so you can see how close MissM and Steven were to imitating it
dbu-imitation.jpg Don't Bore Us imitation
footy.jpg Here's the group enjoying the footy!
footy2.jpg Here's Colin and Kerry, an interesting viewpoint here
football-field.jpg A picture Steven took of the Aussie Rules football game - Geelong vs Port Adelaide
function.jpg Damo, Colin and Kerry at the after-football function
clubx.jpg Here's Damo and Colin outside their favourite bar
3bed.jpg A lovely picture of Steven, Kerry and Damo on the bed (hey, stop getting dirty thoughts!)
bedtickle.jpg Steven tickling Kerry
bed.jpg Great group picture!  On the bed.
beansbar.jpg madbean - this one is for you! Oh! And that bloody Polites fella...
lookout1.jpg A great lookout view over Adelaide!
lookout2.jpg Another one.
mindfieldbook.jpg DannyM - this one's for you!
airportbar.jpg Enjoying a final drink at the Airport (before Damo and Colin left Adelaide)
airport1.jpg Leon and Colin at the airport
airport2.jpg Steven, Damo and Leon at the airport
glenelg-beach.jpg This is the beach at Glenelg (near Adelaide)
chromeballs1.jpg A cool abstract picture here. These are 2 metallic balls in the middle of the Rundle Mall. The guys couldn't resist this photo opportunity.
chromeballs2.jpg The group in front of those Chrome Balls thingies
kel-steven.jpg This is when Damo and Steven met Kel in Sydney for lunch!  It was on Tuesday, 30th June.
kel-damo.jpg Here's Damo with Kel
supadamopaul.jpg Here's Steven, Damo, and Paul - we met at Damo's house in Sydney on Monday night, 29th June.

Comments!  Questions!  Send them to us!!

Here's what people have had to say about this homepage:

<SaTcH> Dressed-imitation is f***ing hilarious!!!!!

<SaTcH> It took me a split second to recognize the pose, then I spit coke everywhere
<DaMoZ> supa: airportbar.jpg  i looked sloshed ;/ ;P
<Supa> you WERE sloshed!!!!!! ;)))
<SaTcH> Dams- u look like yer ready to upchuck
<DaMoZ> LOL! ;P
Supa is blurting out laughing!!!!!
<DaMoZ> beansbar.jpg  ack! did you really have to include the polites sign?? ;P
<Supa> damo - yeah i had to include it =)  Polites IS adelaide  ;-)
<DaMoZ> lookout2.jpg geeeez looks like i peeeed on the ground ;P
<DaMoZ> im linking adeltaget to my site!
<Krycek^> maybe u should change the name of your web page, steve
<Supa> ok, to what?
<Krycek^> this:
<Krycek^> The Supaficial Adeltaget '98 Homepage ;)
<Supa> ha!!!

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