Sydney Fan Meeting
5th of December 1999

It looked like it was going to rain on our meeting. The first one in at least 18 months. But luckily it fined up.

We all met up on of the two main entrances to Star City Casino, Colin chose the spot.

We waited and waited and waited! But still no sign of Colin, after some harassing from Paul and Supa on their mobile phones he eventually showed up 90 minutes late.

Everyone was hungry by then so we looked for somewhere cheap to eat lunch. So we ended up at Harbourside at Darling Harbour. Craig and Christine (SuperCHRIS) got us all lost. Thank god for information counters (even if it was travel information - hey, we were traveling... to the food court!!!)

Most of the gang ended up with KFC, although SuperCHRIS bought a hot-dog and chips. She nearly died of convulsions after seeing (and tasting) how much salt they dumped on her chips!

Paul, Craig and Supa all had trouble with the guy behind the KFC counter. He kept on making mistakes with everything. Surprisingly everyone got what they ordered in the end.

After we all got our lunches, we headed outside to sit by the water to eat. There was a high school band playing there, well trying to play. We all fed seagulls and took some great photos (see further down the page).

After lunch, we decided to hit the CD shop we saw inside Harbourside. We didn't find all that much, although there was almost and ABBA purchase.

Soon after, SuperCHRIS wanted to head to Dymocks to buy a specific book. While we were that we met up with her friend Sparky who is an actress. She was on a break from shooting a commercial for Japanese TV. She thought it was great how we all managed to meet up on the Internet.

We left Dymocks to find where the commercial shoot was. SuperCHRIS, who wants to be a camera operator, nearly died (twice in one day, not bad going) when she saw the film production trucks!

We milled around for a while talking with Sparky, before Supa and Craig had to leave for Newcastle, 3 hours North of Sydney. SuperCHRIS and her friends Christine and Adam also had to leave, which left DamoZ, Colin and Paul to head back to the casino.

First stop was the Irish Pub. Then the guys played a little bit, before giving up on all the crowded tables. It was decided a well earned drink was needed at the bar before we all headed our separate ways.

Everyone had a great time and can't wait until April when the next meeting is planned.

People present: Paul (Ofwerman on DalNet), Steve (Supa on DalNet), Craig (Steve's partner), Colin (Krycek on DalNet), Christine (SuperCHRIS on DalNet), Damian (DamoZ on DalNet) and the brother and sister duo of Adam and Christine.

Below is a thumbnail table with all the photos taken for that day.

Everyone posing for the camera in the foyer of Star City Casino. The nice security man called someone down from the security office to specially take this photo of us!
Here are most of the gang out on the front steps of Star City. Note the obligatory pose with the Harbour Bridge in the background.
Colin and Craig seem lost (we were when Craig was trying to find that elusive food court!). Here they are consulting the Darling Harbour tourist map.
Here you see, Steve, Craig and Christine all throwing chips at the seagulls. There were so many there, surprisingly, none of them pooped on us!
Now Paul and Craig are annoying those darn seagulls.
Looks like the seagulls are about to retaliate! Steve, Craig, Christine and Adam shudder with fear (well almost!)
"...Maybe if I sneak into this make up truck, they will take me back to the studios and make me film TV commercials for the rest of my life... I can only hope..."
This is Christine's actress friend Sparky chatting with us at Darling Harbour


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