Marie Sings For Her Foster Child
16 OCTOBER 1999

Ö.but Per doesnít want to be "pappa"

Roxette are one of the bands in the star packed "Faddergalan" tonight on Ch 4.

Marie Fredriksson recently sent a package with a writing pad to her foster boy in Pakistan.

But Per Gessle and other participating artists are totally removed from fostership.

In tonights Faddergala on TV 4 world stars like Savage Garden, Cranberries, Lene Marlin and Simply Red are performing.

Swedish crowd pullers are among others, Roxette.

"The night should inspire people to stand up and be foster parents" says Fredrik Arefalk, TV 4ís project leader for the gala.

Marie Fredriksson , 41 belong to those artists who find peace of mind in fostering a child. Since last year, she and her husband Micke Bolyos have sponsored a little boy in Pakistan.

"Heís just started school" says the Roxette star with pride in her voice. "We write letters and send packages. The latest one was a package full of pens and writing paper and colours. She knows the happiness sponsoring a child can bring.

"The boy has lived terribly poor, and would not have been able to go to school otherwise. It feels really good to be able to help people," Says Marie Fredriksson.

The cost for a sponsorship is 200 Kronor a month. The money is used for development work in the childs home village, for education, familiy needs and living.

"20% goes into administration, information and marketing. The rest goes to the child." Says Anna Hagg-Sjoquist, the general secretary for Plan Internation Sweden.

But other of the galas artists donít want to be foster parents, for example Per Gessle, Tommy Korberg and Andre De Lang. Aftonbladet asked multi-millionaire Per Gessle, 40 if he had thought about being a sponsor. His Answer:

"We do certain things anyway"

"No not really. You do things anyway. Especially famous people who do all sorts of things that happen in the quiet, which is really nice.

The project leader Fredrik Arefalk says:

"I think the artists make a contribution when they perform without a continuation. To prove they arenít sponsors is beside the point."

-Kristian Borglund

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