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Below are three articles from Aftonbladet detailing the forthcoming Rockbjornen 99 awards. Also included is their interview with Marie Fredriksson.

Marie Interview Rockbjornen 99

How does it feel to be nominated?

It's excellent!!1 It's been so long since I was nominated as a solo artist, I was really surprised!!

Why should you win a Rockbjorn?

I can't answer that (laugh), you should ask the readers that.

But why do you think you were nominated then?

The year began very well with the single "Wish I Could Fly" and also "Stars" which was very big in summer, we've reached a wider audience, that has helped.

What does Rockbjornen mean for you?

It means a great deal!! I'll never forget when I got my first Rockbjorn. It was 1986 after I had released "Den Sjunde Vagen" For new artists I think the Rockbjorn means a great deal.

Who will you thank if you win?

Readers, our fans. They are the best we have. It is thanks to them that we continue.

Who do you think is the years' best male artist?

That's hard…. It could be two: Andreas Johnson and Patrik Isaksson. Both are very personal and have good voices. They'll go far I think.

Where will you put your Rockbjorn if you win?

I'll put it here among the others, I have eight people in the office.

Archive: Marie Fredriksson.
Age: 41 years
Lives: Djursholm
Family: Husband Micke, children Josefin and Oscar
Other Rockbjorn nominations: 1999 Roxette are nominated in the categories Swedish Album, Swedish Group, The Swedish group of the century.

The years Swedish Album

Five bands are going after the Rock Bear. Only one can take it home.

From a hot new punk artist to four young Abba-lookalikes. In between a world famous pop duo, an almost as well known R&B girl and a much celebrated rock band.

Nothing wrong with the spread nominated for Best Swedish Album.

The Swedish pop year was not one of the strongest, but not anything to complain about either.

Nothing anyway in the category of best Swedish album, where the five albums come from a galaxy in pop heaven.

There’s Thastrom, the hero from Ebba Gron and Imperiet, who after a transition to English speaking industry rock, have moved back to his Swedish roots. His “It’s you who are strange and me that’s normal” has been praised by critics and the autumn’s tour became a triumph train.

There’s Roxette, who together with the Cardigans are Swedens most well known pop name overseas. The album “Have A Nice Day.” Has managed to put together a swag of radio hits.

Even Kent are nominated, who released their fourth album in the eleventh hour of this year, it’s an album of naked, emotional rock in Swedish and once again had reviewers and buyers on their knees. “Hagnester hill” is the name of the album.

Even Sweden’s only international R&B-diva Robyn made an impressive album this year. “My Truth” is one of the Rock Bear nominated.

Teenagers A-Teens possibly haven’t had the critics with them, but the public love their dance orientated ABBA-covers album “The Abba Generation” even more.

It is five very loved names who fight for the title of Best Swedish Albums.


Album: Have A Nice Day! No of songs: 14 Among the hits: Wish I could Fly, Stars, Salvation Other Rockbjornen nomintations 1999: Swedish Group, The century’s Swedish Group.

Swedish Group

 Who do you think should win a Rockbjorn? Tobias Linder helps you in your musings.

 Old meets new, jazzpop meets rock.

 The musical spread is big when the years best Swedish group is decided. Count on a tough fight.

 To the old guard Roxette definitely belong. But those who thought the super group’s time was past thought wrong. On the latest album the duo Gessle/Fredriksson popped the sound up a notch and now aspire to yet another Rockbjorn. The group who have existed for ten years and have sold nearly 40 million albums are still alive.

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