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27-Apr-2000: From Metro: Marie is making all her fans happy - there will be a tour this summer!

Her greatest hits album Äntligen has sold over 120,000 copies in just a few weeks and Marie cannot withstand the pressure from the fans any longer.

"I'm totally overwhelmed with the reception of this album. So it was suddenly very clear that I had to try to get a tour going. To be on stage and sing my Swedish material during a Swedish summer is something I don' want to miss" she says. Since the new Roxette-album will be out this autumn Marie Fredriksson feels this may be the last summer in a long long time she will have the possibility to tour in Swedish.

A few weeks ago she didn' believe she would be able to combine a summer tour with the recording of the new album, which she is in the middle of. But after shuffling around studio booking, travel plans and dates she now has 18 gigs done.

The album is still no. 1 after 3 weeks.

From EMA-Telstar: Dates for Marie's summer tour in Sweden:

12-Jul-2000 Borgholm (Slottsruinen)
14-Jul-2000 Halmstad (Brottet)
15-Jul-2000 Sölvesborg (Slottsudden)
16-Jul-2000 Trosa (Hamnplan)
20-Jul-2000 Vadstena (Slottet)
22-Jul-2000 Varberg (Fästningen)
26-Jul-2000 Leksand (Sammilsdal)
28-Jul-2000 Helsingborg (Sofiero Slott)
29-Jul-2000 Göteborg (Trädgårdsföreningen)
30-Jul-2000 Malmö (Mölleplatsen)
2-Aug-2000 Växjö (Evedal)
4-Aug-2000 Eksjö (I 12, Sjöängen)
5-Aug-2000 Skövde (Boulognerskogen)
6-Aug-2000 Karlstad (Mariebergsskogen)
9-Aug-2000 Örnsköldsvik (Folkets Park)
10-Aug-2000 Stockholm (Sjöhistoriska Museet)
11-Aug-2000 Eskilstuna (Parken Zoo)
12-Aug-2000 Uppsala (Grindstugans IP)

The band: Mikael Bolyos - organ & piano, Staffan Astner - guitar, Ove Andersson - bass, Christer Jansson - drums, Mats Persson - percussion, Frank Ådahl - keyboards & backing vocals, Katarina Millton - backing vocals.

Tickets will go on sale through Biljett Direkt on Thursday, May 4. Phone: +46 - 77 - 170 70 70 or

27-Mar-2000: From Metro: Marie Fredriksson is having a hectic time. As well as compiling a greatest hits album covering her 16 years as a solo artist she and Per Gessle are recording a new Roxette album.

"I would really like to tour with my new album, but I can't. The Roxette album, which I've written three songs for, is due this fall or next spring. And after that we'll probably tour with Roxette."

"Äntligen" is the name of the solo greatest hits album where both hits and personal favorites from her five Swedish solo albums are included. Plus some new material of course. The title track and "Det som vår nu" (What Was Now), a duet with Patrik Isaksson, are specially written for this album. The latter is also closing the album in a different version.

"We were doing promotion for the Roxette album more or less all of last year. In November / December I decided to put this album together. It was great timewise, between two Roxette albums and this being 2000. My first single was released in 1984 so those are two neat years."

The first song she wrote all by herself was "Spårvoga", the theme from the TV-series with the same name. "The new songs were easy to write" Marie feels.

""Äntligen" just came to me. I woke up the night of January 3 and wrote the song in just 10 minutes." The new songs were recorded at home in her studio with help from her husband Mikael Bolyos and some hired musicians. The selection was made by herself and Kjell Andersson.

"It was easier than I thought to pick out the songs. The new songs are the first ones on the album, the older ones are in chronological order. It's fun to hear how my voice has changed, in the beginning it was so high pitched but still it had a power and a happiness in the songs. In the 80's the arrangements were bombastic and you were supposed to scream. If I'd continued to sing in those high keys my voice wouldn't have lasted."

19-Mar-2000: Marie's single got 2 out of 5 in Expressen. "Boring Swedish pop-reggae that sounds like it was made 15 years ago", will probably be a hit though, the reviewer says. The lyrics are not as sad and dreary as in a usual Marie-song, but rather upbeat and happy, he also states.

17 Mar 2000: Marie may tour this summer. Other artists included are Orup and Eric Gadd. Marie's single is out to the radio stations. I've heard it, it's a poppy jazzy thing, a lot like the faster tracks from Den ständiga resan. The single as well as the Greatest Hits CD, "Äntligen" is due out March 27 according to the latest news here in Sweden.

27-Jan-2000: Salvation has actually charted... in Romania! At January 21st it was number 10!

22-Jan-2000: Marie will release a Greatest Hits album in the end of March! The album is called Äntligen (Finally) and will contain 15 old songs plus two new ones - Månljus (Moonlight) and Äntligen. Words and music by Marie. Äntligen will be released as a single mid February. Check out our English translation of this weeks Expressen feature on the new album.

2-Jan-2000: Gyllene Tider may come back! Per is thinking about bringing GT back to life. Next summer he may take them on a Swedish tour. "It's not at all impossible. I'm sure we'll do something in the future. Why not try to get the folkparks (Swedish traditional outdoor venues) back on their feet next summer?" Per says to Expressen. Gessle is also planning to release the next Roxette album next fall. "After the release they want to get on the road again, and we're talking a world tour." Li Eriksson at EMI says.

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