Kissing The Moonlight by MissM

There was a flutter at the top of the grand staircase. The wonderfully decoratively carved banisters swept upwards in a gentle curve, either side of the red carpeted stairs. At the top of the stairs, a small party of women were fussing over one young woman in their midst, although surrounded, she was obviously the centre of their attention. She was dressed in an ornate ball gown. The gown was a creamy colour, with threads of gold embroidered in twining patterns throughout. The tight bodice and full flowing skirts sweeping out to the floor flattered her perfect figure. Her striking beauty shone out, overpowering the dress' attention grabbing ability. The subtle amount of jewellery she wore was not flaunted, it was worn with humility and grace. The diamond gold tiara placed on her head was the only thing she wore that stated her place as royalty. She was a picture of natural beauty and grace as she stood smiling while her maids fussed with the dress.

"Teresa, please. It's fine," she pleaded with a maid who was adjusting the skirt for the hundredth time. The princess looked helplessly over at her nanny, a woman whom she'd known since birth. A woman she loved like her own mother.

"All right, all right," the motherly woman said clapping her hands to ward off the maids. The four maids backed away from the princess.

"You look beautiful your highness," the girl the princess had earlier referred to as Teresa said as she ducked away with the other three. Princess Josephine smiled and turned to her nanny.

"Now, your highness," her nanny began.

"Nanny, I wish you wouldn't call me that," Josephine said. Her nanny had began calling her by her proper title on her eighteenth birthday two months previous.

"You've got to get used to it Ducky," she said. Josephine smiled triumphantly at her nanny's slip into the old childhood name.

"All right, all right," Nanny said looking over her ward, whom she loved like her own daughter. She handed Josephine her long cream gloves and helped her put them on.

"Are you ready Ducky?" Nanny asked "You be careful there tonight. There are lots of men who will be falling in love with you everywhere."

"I'll try not to fall in love back," Josephine smiled teasingly at her nanny.

"Get on with you girl," Nanny said as Josephine began moving down the grand staircase. She could see her brother waiting for her at the bottom. The Crown Prince. He was the one who would escort her to this ball. They were friends, no rivalry existing between them. Prince Frederick smiled at his sister as she descended the staircase.

"Gorgeous as always," he said as she reached him "If we weren't related I'd fall in love with you myself."

Josephine smiled at him.

"You're a tease," she told him. He laughed. He too was a very handsome man. The entire royal family had always been a very handsome line. All had a natural charm and beauty that infected everyone. They were very much loved by all in the kingdom. Josephine linked her arm through Frederick's. His shoulder length blond hair shone as did her short blonde hair. The two were immaculate as they prepared to make their entrance to the Royal ball before their parents, the King and Queen.

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