Ian Van Dahl - Will I? (2002)

Album details

Label: Shock BANG0078   Ref#: ?-0848
Date: 2002   Category:  
Length: 45:57    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Electronic; Trance    


Published by A&S Productions / BE's Songs.

P 2001 A&S Productions. Licensed from A&S Productions / Antler-Subway Records NV. 2001 Central Station Pty Ltd. Bang On! is a division of Central Station Pty Ltd. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by A&S Productions / Antler-Subway Records NV and is under exclusive license to Central Station Pty Ltd. for Australia and New Zealand. Distributed in Australia by Shock Records. Distributed in New Zealand by BMG. Mastered at LNG. Made in Australia.


1.   Will I? (Radio Edit)  3:40
2.   Will I? (Dee Dee Radio Edit)  3:48
3.   Will I? (Extended Mix)  6:27
4.   Will I? (Lange Remix)  6:50
5.   Will I? (Peter Luts Remix)  7:57
6.   Will I? (Coast To Coast Remix)  9:24
7.   Will I? (Pulsedriver Remix)  7:51