Aqua - Turn Back Time (1998)

Album details

Label: Universal UMD85054   Ref#: rock-0013
Date: 1998   Category: rock
Length: 21:31    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Rock    


Hit single from their debut smash featured in the 1998Gwyneth Paltrow film 'Sliding Doors'. Pt.1 contains fivemixes of 'Turn Back Time': Original Version, Love ToInfinity Classic Radio Mix, Metro Scuba Club Mix, Master Mixand Thunderball Mix. Slimline jew


1.   Turn Back Time [Album Version]  4:08
2.   Turn Back Time [Metro Radio Mix]  3:20
3.   Turn Back Time [Love To Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix]  7:29
4.   Turn Back Time [Metro Scuba Club Mix]  6:32