Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch (1999)

Album details

Label: Universal 497 085-2   Ref#: rock-0030
Date: 1999   Category: rock
Length: 16:34    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Pop    


The second single from the quirky alternative rock group's 1999 album 'Hooray For Boobies'. Contains three versions of 'Bad Touch' (LP, The God Lives Underwater Remix & The KMFDM Remix), plus 'Along Comes Mary' (The Bloodhound Gang Mix) and the CD-ROM vid


1.   The Bad Touch (LP Version)  4:24
2.   The Bad Touch (The God Lives Under Water Mix)  4:27
3.   The Bad Touch (The K.M.F.D.M. Mix)  4:20
4.   Along Comes Mary (The Bloodhound Gang Mix)  3:22