Aurora - Ordinary World (2000)

Album details

Label: Virgin / EMI UM12007CD   Ref#: misc-0011
Date: 2000   Category: misc
Length: 36:34    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Other    


Two boys. One girl. Classic combination. Add to this an Ibiza style rework of the 1993 Duran Duran uberhit 'Ordinary World' and you have the sound of the summer. A slice of uplifting trance-pop with a vocal that will haunt you, 'Ordinary World' is set to


1.   Ordinary World - Radio Edit  4:21
2.   Ordinary World - Extended Mix  8:18
3.   Ordinary World - Condor Mix  9:05
4.   Ordinary World - Above & Beyond Mix  8:25
5.   Hear You Calling - Dark Moon Remix  6:23