Gyroscope - Breed Obsession (2008)

Album details

Label: Warner 5144248855   Ref#: ?-0687
Date: 2008   Category:  
Length: 0:00    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Rock; Alternative Rock    


With bonus DVD that was exclusive to JB Hifi in Australia. Pre-ordered copies came with the cover signed by the band

Came with insert for gyroscopes mailing list & purchasing gyroscope ringtones. Signing up to mailing list gave access to bonus track "Left Field".
Sticker on Front of Jewel Case: "[M] Moderate Coarse Language"
Sticker on Back of Jewel Case: "Recommended for mature audiences"


1.   Snakeskin  
2.   All In On One  
3.   These Days  
4.   Australia  
5.   O.K.  
6.   Weapon. Enemy. Friend.  
7.   Polyphons And Multidors  
8.   The River Between  
9.   Her Design  
10.   1981  
11.   Silver Heart  
12.   Time