Foreigner - 4 (1981)

Album details

Label: WEA M5A 16999   Ref#: ?-0256
Date: 1981   Category:  
Length: 42:10    
Format: Cassette    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Rock; Pop Rock    


Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, N.Y.C
Mastered at Sterling Sound, N.Y.C

STEREO also playable on mono

This is a Dolbyized tape. With playback equipment incorporating Dolby noise reduction, switch noise reduction 'on' -
Decrease treble response when playing on non-Dolbyized equipment.

Also available on cassette:

Foreigner - M5A 18215
Double Vision - M5A 19999
Head Games - M5A 29999


A1.   Night Life  3:48
A2.   Juke Box Hero  4:18
A3.   Break It Up  4:11
A4.   Waiting For A Girl Like You  4:49
A5.   Luanne  3:25
B1.   Urgent  4:29
B2.   I'm Gonna Win  4:51
B3.   Woman In Black  4:42
B4.   Girl On The Moon  3:49
B5.   Don't Let Go  3:48