Howard Jones - New Song (1983)

Album details

Label: WEA HOW 1   Ref#: ?-1439
Date: 1983   Category:  
Length: 8:15    
Format: 7" vinyl    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Electronic; Synth-pop    


Label Notes:
A Warner Communications company.
P 1983 Warner Bros. Music Ltd.

Sleeve Notes:
For further info and a free copy of the Howard Jones magazine RISK write to: 15 Walton Terrace Walton Aylesbury Bucks.
1983 A WEA recording

Release Note:
The 2nd catalogue number, 249672-7, appears in parentheses below the main number, HOW 1.


A.   New Song  4:05
B.   Change The Man  4:10