Adam And The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier (1980)

Album details

Label: CBS PC 7586   Ref#: ?-0259
Date: 1980   Category:  
Length: 0:00    
Format: Cassette    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Rock    


Recorded at Rockfield Studios, August 1980.
Sound - Recorded at John Henrys and bless you Prince Nutty.


A1.   Dog Eat Dog  
A2.   "Antmusic"  
A3.   Feed Me To The Lions  
A4.   Los Rancheros  
A5.   Ants Invasion  
A6.   Killer In The Home  
B1.   Kings Of The Wild Frontier  
B2.   The Magnificent Five  
B3.   Don't Be Square (Be There)  
B4.   Jolly Roger  
B5.   Making History  
B6.   The Human Beings