The Beach Boys - The Best Of The Beach Boys, Volume 3 (1970)

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Label: EMI TC-AX-260104   Ref#: ?-0290
Date: 1970   Category:  
Length: 36:47    
Format: Cassette    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Rock; Pop    


Release date : 10 September 1984

This Compilation ? 1970 Capitol Records, Inc.

Manufactured by EMI Manufacturing Pty Ltd. Marketed by EMI Retail Promotions.


A1.   Wouldn't It Be Nice  2:22
A2.   Good Vibrations  3:37
A3.   Then I Kissed Her  2:16
A4.   Heroes And Villains  3:38
A5.   Darlin'  2:13
A6.   Wild Honey  2:39
A7.   Friends  2:32
B1.   Let's Go Away For A While  2:17
B2.   Do It Again  2:17
B3.   Bluebirds Over The Mountain  2:52
B4.   I Can Hear Music  2:36
B5.   Break Away  2:55
B6.   Surfer Girl  2:24
B7.   Surfin'  2:09