Charlie Sexton - Don't Look Back (1989)

Album details

Label: WEA 7-257712   Ref#: ?-1346
Date: 1989   Category:  
Length: 8:48    
Format: 7" vinyl    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Rock; Classic Rock    


On labels:
? 1989 MCA Records, Inc.
Publishers: A-side: MCA Music/Control / B-side: MCA Music/Frankdon Music
Original Version appears on the album "Rougher Than Christmas" 256176-1 (which appears to have been generally released under a [url=]1989 self-titled release instead[/url])
Manufactured and Distributed by WEA Records Pty. Limited
(on label circumference)
WEA Records Pty Ltd [Warner logo] a Warner Communications Company

On sleeve:
Original version appears on the Charlie Sexton album MCA
1989 MCA Records Inc. ? 1989 MCA Records Inc.
Manufactured & distributed by WEA Records Pty. Limited [Warner logo] a Warner Communications Company

Cat# 7-257712 appears on labels, cat# 7.257712 on sleeve.


A.   Don't Look Back  4:03
B.   While You Sleep  4:45