Billy Idol - L.A. Woman (1990)

Album details

Label: Chrysalis IDOL 15   Ref#: ?-1451
Date: 1990   Category:  
Length: 10:00    
Format: 7" vinyl    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Rock; Pop Rock    


P 1990 Chrysalis Records Inc. 1990 Chrysalis Records Inc.
Photography Rude Dude Inc.

Int. catalog number: 3235787
Manufactured in the U.K.
Chrysalis release date sticker: 23 JUL 1990

"L.A. Woman" published by Rondor Music (London) Ltd, "License To Thrill" published by Chrysalis Music Ltd/Warner Chappell Music Ltd.


A.   L.A. Woman (Edit)  3:58
B.   License To Thrill  6:02