Dear Enemy - Ransom Note (1983)

Album details

Label: EMI ST-12295   Ref#: ?-1332
Date: 1983   Category:  
Length: 37:44    
Format: LP    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Rock; Pop    


EMI Records Australia.

Come with cardboard inner sleeve with band picture one side, lyrics the other.


A1.   Computer One  4:43
A2.   The Good Life  4:28
A3.   Talking To You  4:24
A4.   All Through The Night  6:05
B1.   Kids On The Street  3:26
B2.   On The Line  3:15
B3.   Restless  3:59
B4.   Bit Of Your Heart  3:40
B5.   Day To Day  3:44