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Wanna win stuff? Wanna meet up with the team when we're out and about in the flaming ute? Well you've hit the right place.

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  • Who Said It - Listen out to Scotty's Morning Grill where he'll play a grab of a celebrity speaking. Correctly identify who it is and you'll win a portable car fridge thanks to Country Autos.
  • The Movie Minute! - Every Tuesday and Wednesday, JB will ask 10 movie questions and 60 seconds! For every correct answer, you'll win a free Civic Video movie or game rental voucher!
  • Scatterbrain - Be listening to The Morning Grill weekay mornings and answer correctly to 8 different categories starting with the letter Scotty rolls up and you could win $150 thanks to Harvey Norman, Tamworth.
  • Secret Sound - guess the sound, be the first correct caller through, and score the cash, thanks to Kensells Holden Tamworth.
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