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About MediaWeavers

MediaWeavers is a wholly Australian business, specialising in a range of multimedia services.

Located in southwestern WA, MediaWeavers started in 2003, and is operated by Paul Rands, a radio broadcaster, producer and information technology specialist with over a decade of experience.

The MediaWeavers client base covers a vast range of businesses and industries from information technology companies, telecommunication multinationals, touring and transportation companies, culinary establishments and much more.

MediaWeavers clients look beyond the traditional means of promotion and business oportunities, and have taken advantage of the many affordable services on offer.

Where possible, MediaWeavers uses open source software to perform various tasks in its day to day operations, supporting a much needed alternative to the major software vendors.

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Wellington Street Bunbury WA 6230 Australia
Phone: 0407 102 536 (International +61 407 102 536)

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