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Everyone knows Per from being in Roxette, but long before Roxette became a reality, he was singing it live and loud across Sweden with Gyllene Tider. Gyllene Tider translated into English means "Golden Times".

Now we present to you out English translation of Hallandsposten's Återtåget 96 web site

This page was produced (unofficially) for two reasons:

1. Hallandsposten's original version of this site was in Swedish only.

2. To give the rest of the world outside of Sweden an idea into the Återtåget 96 (Return Train) tour.

All the layout and graphics were not changed from the original and are copyright Hallandsposten.

The English translation is copyright 1997 Fredrik Sundqvist & Paul Rands

Click Here to see the English translation of
Hallandsposten's Gyllene Tider Special

Click Here to see Hallandsposten's original
Gyllene Tider Special in Swedish

Since 30th of August 1997

© 1999 Paul Rands & Fredrik Sundqvist. Last updated: Wednesday, 17 February 1999